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Note: Version 2 is still in progress, thus the following feature list represents planned items of inclusion, and not necessarily features that are currently available. Also, many additional features are currently not listed. This table will be updated occasionally during the development of the new version.

PASSaGE Features
PASSaGE Version 1 2
• indicates available feature
1, 2, and 3 indicate available feature for 1, 2, and 3 dimensional data, respectively
GUI - Windows
Command line interface 
Batch/script commands 
Data dimensionality1,21,2,3
Coordinate system support
Data Import/Export
Text Files
Microsoft Excel Files 
Lotus 1-2-3 Files 
ESRI Shape Files 
Surfer BLM Files 
PASSaGE native data files 
Network methods
Nearest neighbors
Minimum spanning trees
Relative neighborhood networks22,3
Gabriel networks22,3
Delauney triangulation22,3
Least diagonal networks22
Point pattern analyses
Second order analyses21,2,3
Bivariate & covariate 1,2,3
Second order neighborhood analysis 1,2,3
Directional 2,3
Join count analysis
Angular Wavelet Analysis 2
Contiguous data analyses
Quadrat variance analysis1,21,2,3
Quadrat covariance analysis 1,2,3
Wavelet analysis1,21,2,3
Bivariate Wavelet analysis 1,2,3
Lacunarity analysis1,21,2,3
Fractal and multifractal analysis1 
Spectral analysis11,2,3
Scattered data analyses
Mantel Correlograms
Anisotropy analyses
Bearing method22,3
Windrose correlograms22,3
Bearing correlograms22,3
Directional wavelets 2,3
Angular correlations22
Miscellaneous analyses
Mantel tests
Partial Mantel tests (3 matrix)
Partial Mantel tests (>3 matrices) 
Local Indicators of Spatial Association 
Boundary detection 
Moving split-windows 
Point-Line analysis 
Point-Polygon analysis 
CRH correlation adjustment